Appointments and Pricing

*Visit fees are HST exempt and many benefit packages have coverage for Naturopathic Medicine.
Touch base with your insurance provider to find out more!

Complimentary Naturopathic Visit (15 min): 

  • If you are not sure what Naturopathic Medicine is, or not sure if our doctor has worked with your specific condition and would like to check before committing to an initial visit. 

  • Use this visit to meet the doctor and see if it will be a good fit moving forward.

  • If considering facial acupuncture, it is recommended we start with a complimentary consult to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Initial Visit (60- 90 min): 

  • For NEW patients only. We use this time to learn your health history, clarify your health goals, perform relevant physical exams and, if needed, we will initiate laboratory testing. You will leave this first visit knowing your concerns have been heard and having a clear sense of where treatment is headed.

  • Please bring any current medications, supplements and recent lab tests (if available) to this visit.

    • Adult (18+): 215.00 
    • Youth (12-17): 185.00
    • Pediatric (0-11): 165.00
Second Visit (45 min): 145.00
  • An extended time slot to reassess and if necessary redirect your care.
Follow-up Visits (30 min): 85.00
  • For existing patients. This visit allows us to review and adjust your treatment plan, review lab results and discuss any new health concerns.

Acupuncture (30 min): 75.00 

  • For those coming in for acupuncture only. Acupuncture works best with a series of treatments (a common treatment protocol being 4 treatments over 4 weeks).

  • Individualized protocols are designed for each patient and adjusted as needed at each visit.


    • Initial (60 min): 160.00

    • For those only requiring acupuncture (Pre-birth acupuncture, Fertility support, pain); this visit will include an intake, any relevant physical exams and the first treatment. 

Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture: 160.00

  • Initial (60-90 min): 

    • This includes an assessment and discussion of your goals and areas where you would like to focus treatment.

    • An individualized treatment plan will be devised to address your specific dermatology (skin) needs and which health concerns (Jaw pain, headaches, digestion, anxiety, sleep etc.) can be treated simultaneously.

    • This initial visit includes your first treatment.

  • Follow-up (60-80 min) 

    • Gentle gua sha treatment and facial massage techniques are used to relax facial muscles and encourage lymphatic drainage.

    • Acupuncture needles will be placed in various points on the face and body depending on your skincare goals and symptoms.

  • Protocol: 160/treatment, 8-10 treatments recommended.

    • Patients are encouraged to come for a complementary 15 minute consult to determine if they are good candidates for this procedure.